Orange Tint Poem

The Orange Tint Poem is a poem that I wrote about being homeless. Two years ago my family lost everything. We had to pack up and live in our car. That was my first taste at the real world. People didn't care about me. Nobody was going to fight for me. Not even my mother. I was on my own. Orange Tint centers around the pain, the heartbreak, and the desire to overcome the biggest obstacle of my life. 

Orange Tint
A Poem By: Troy McDonald 

I’ll never forget that orange tint. The warm glow in the dead of winter. Looking up wondering, is this my life? Hoping that the cops wouldn’t find out where we were; scared and hopeless. Mindful and attentive. Loosing faith. Realizing strength was the only option….. Grit.

Orange Tint makes it had to sleep. When you open your eyes every second to see if you are safe. Hoping that no one takes anything else from you. That 2 tons of steel and a sunroof can keep you safe.

The closer to sunrise the safer I felt. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Sunrise means safety. Until you realize it’s all an illusion if you don’t pay your bills. No such thing as safety when all of your possessions sit in the back of a chevy.

Orange Tint. Here you are again. Another night, another one eyed sleep. Cold as hell, mentally luke warm. Fear is palpable hoping to see the next sunrise. Chevy running, heat blasting , doors locked.
I got here by no mistake of my own! I did everything right. I was at the top of my game. Yet lost it all. I’m on my own. I told myself that since 12.

My mom taught me how to beg other people to take care of me. I choose not to use that card. I have too much pride.

Orange Tint could have controlled my life. I continued going to school. I got up somehow and picked myself off the ground.

Orange Tint, I graduated.

Orange Tint, I don’t want to see you again. The clock is ticking.


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