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This post is purely to show how cool the moving images are. It is the newest feature on the ALL new The pictures will get better over time.  Contact Us saying why your photo doesn't suck and it could be featured on the homepage. 

What a Season 2! A note from Troy.

Can you believe its been 3 years since the debut of Troy Show? It seems like just yesterday I began this journey with all of you. I have been blessed to talk to news makers, controversial Access Hollywood to get the latest gossip on the Oscars and we teamed up with Yahoo! to reveal the biggest searches of the
figures, and celebrities. This past season we went behind the scenes with

We did things a little bit differently than in the past and things grew tremendously. I went on a 30 day challenge to loose weight and I am proud to report that I have stuck too it. If you were to have told me that I would be out every Saturday morning with the "exercise people" I would have said no way. 

If there was one thing I learned in season two it is to NEVER say "no way." After two years of trying to make it work, I had a sit down interview with the President of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Sheri Salata. It was our biggest interview to date in my opinion. Who can forget Palmer Williams Jr. from the hit OWN show "Love thy Neighbor?" He was one of my faves as well. 

I am excited to see what season 3 brings on The Troy Show. This season we are gonna break loose a little bit. Let's make a date ok? How does September 15th sound? I think you'll find that there's a whole lot of life's lessons still to learn. The party has just begun!


Championship Surfer Carissa Moore!

For most people wining a championship or a medal is a rare occasion. Its a moment to be celebrated and cherished forever. Carissa Moore is an exception to that. Not only has she done the rare thing of winning a championship but she is the youngest person to ever do it. In fact she has won 2 world titles since and is going for her third.
2 time World Championship Surfer Carissa Moore is here!

Carissa shares her secrets to success and how she stays in top shape all year long. How does she handle the shark infested waters of being in a male dominated world? Carissa speaks candidly in this all new Troy show. 

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"Love Thy Neighbor" star Palmer Williams Jr. Is Here!

He says he was a 25 year overnight success. Through hard work,  perseverance and a drive to succeed Palmer Williams discovered his calling and made it happen! Palmer now stars on the Hit OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network show "Love Thy Neighbor." Where he plays the no-nonsense Floyd Jackson. We talked about his start in the business, what every aspiring actor should know, and what its like working with the one and only Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. Join us for a truly laugh out loud interview.

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Love Thy Neighbor Returns Wednesday, June 25 at 9/8pm Central only on OWN. 

The Cast of The Pulse TV!

Could you imagine hosting your own talk show before the age of 20? That's exactly what my guests today are about to embark on. The cast of the new talk show "The Pulse" are here! The Pulse is the first ever panel talk show hosted by young people. (Think "The View" but for young people) The show is breaking new ground on so many fronts. The show is the first to combine "reality tv" and the typical talk show format.

I am honored to introduce you to Abbi, Robin, Michael and Leila! Join us as we talk about the new TV concept, and what excites them most about the journey.

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The Pulse debuts on YouTube July 8th, 2014.

Here's an Preview.