About Troy

 In Studio 
For 4 years I had the honor and privilege of serving people every week. My audience wasn't big but loyal and tuned in to hear the latest story I had to share. From New York Times Best Selling Authors, WWE Wrestlers, and even criminals. I talked to people from all walks of life.

Because although the title may say "Troy Show," I considered myself a story teller first. I felt an obligation to make people feel deep emotions.

I did all of this by myself. I created my own graphics and booked my own guests. I would send emails, make phone calls, you name it. Sometimes I had to scream, which I loved. I taped the show at an NPR and Wisconsin Public Radio Affiliate WGTD in Kenosha. I volunteered there for 3 years helping around and studying the business.

I was 19 when I started the show and 23 when it ended. 4 years of growth, learning and sacrifice. During that time my family became homeless, I lost the love of my life, and I got into a serious car wreck.

Through it all I kept pushing the show along; trying to make it work.  I realized I had to get serious about my life and put the hobbies aside. I ended the show in May of 2015 to focus on one of my goals moving to Chicago. I don't have plans at the moment to resurrect the weekly show.

Currently,  I am working at WGTD. I was hired in. I am also attending UW Stout. I am a Professional Communication and Emerging Media student. Let "The Troy Show" be a lesson to you. Sometimes the power is in the letting go. It is in the starting over and figuring out how to best utilize your skill set.

The Troy Show taught me that sometimes dreams don't come true and thats ok. This portfolio is a reminder of all the highs and lows and showcases the best of my abilities.

~Troy McDonald