Troy McDonald No Longer President of Kenosha Community Media

Troy McDonald is no longer President of Kenosha Community Media the station that was the first home of The Troy Show on TV.

"I can report that after 2 years of service to Kenosha Community Media I am no longer President or a board officer. I am grateful and honored to have served in the capacity that I did. The Troy Show and other shows I produce have consumed more of my daily time and I was unable to continue my duties as assigned. It was not fair to you the viewer or myself to work in that manner. 

The Troy Show on TV and other shows I produce including Back To Basics Wrestling  will continue to air on Kenosha TV Time Warner Cable Channel 15-14 and other platforms to be announced. 

I will also continue developing new shows as I am always looking for creative ideas that enlighten viewers to live their ultimate lives. I am grateful for the time I was with KCM and feel blessed to have served Kenosha. I wish the organization the best as it figures out how to adapt in our new digital world."  

~Troy McDonald 


Good wishes for your future endeavors, and thanks for serving on the board. This website is looking good.

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