5 Ways to Talk to Your Child About Being Bullied

Bullying Is a pandemic among young people today. It goes beyond the playground and lasts continuously on social media and online. It is embarrassing sometimes for kids to tell their parents that something is wrong. Here are 5 ways you can address it without pushing them away. 

Don't make the situation worse than it is
A bullied child wants to feel strong do not remind them how difficult their situation is. 

Do not go "Madea" at the School
If you have ever seen Tyler Perry's "Madea" movies you know that she is loud and causes a scene! As tempting as it maybe to run up to the school acting crazy for your children, your child will resent you. The craziness can also make the situation worse. Go professionally and courteously to staff members to solve problems. 

Don't expect other parents to agree with you
Everyone hopes that parents can "work it out" but that is simply not the case. In some cases it is the exact opposite. On a past episode of The Troy Show a parent once encouraged the bullying of another student. 

Not every sign of bullying is a sign that Your Child is being bullied
Just because your child is late for class or grades drop doesn't necessarily mean that they are being bullied. We encourage you to ask first before assuming its bullying.

Be an active parent
The number one thing a parent can do to allow an open channel for communication is to be an active parent. Excited to learn what they do every day, not just in kindergarten. Loving your child unconditionally is key. Creative an environment where they come to you. 


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