5 Reason's You'll Love Back to Basics Wrestling!

My company TMC Media Enterprises has teamed up with local wrestling federation Back To Basics Wrestling to produce a weekly show called "BTBW Adrenaline." Here are 5 reasons why I know you'll love the show.

Tune in to BTBW Adrenaline on Time Warner Cable Kenosha Channel 14 Fridays at 6:30pm and Saturday mornings at 10:00am! 

1. Its similar to WWE
If you have ever loved the "WWE" (formerly known as the WWF), then you will LOVE BTBW Adrenaline.

2. It is drama personified
Friends turn on friends, enemies try to one up each other. From the locker room to the ring you never know what drama lies ahead..and who will be the victim.

3. Its family friendly with attitude
BTBW Adrenaline is family friendly but it has spunk. If you remember Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock you'll love the characters on BTBW.

4. You never know whats going to happen
Surprises are abound on Adrenaline. You never know what will happen next and you will be glued every second.

5. They love their fans 
BTBWrestling has been holding fan meet and greets before it was cool. BTBW has always put their fans first using social media to keep in touch with fans...and haters.


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