Top 5 Tips For Surviving Black Friday

Its almost here the time when people go crazy, and the price of the iPhone you've wanted all year is drastically reduced.  Here are the top 5 tips to make sure you have a safe and sane Black Friday shopping experience.

1: Get a plan together

Running into retailers without a plan on Black Friday is like running into a car accident head on. The swarms of people will be overwhelming. Make a list of items that you want and stick to those items. You cant grab everything. 

2: Get other family and friends to go

Once you know what you want, Create a strategic plan with family and friends. They can help you stake out areas that you can't be in, and will more often then not be shopping for themselves anyways.

3: Shop at the store a day or two ahead of time

Go to the store before hand and learn the layout of where things will be. Will things change on Black Friday? Of Course! However surveying the area will be very helpful. A lot of stores have their doorbuster deal boxes already placed. (Some of the best deals are in the back of the store, or away from cash registers.)

4: Don’t go crazy

No item is ever worth killing or hurting anyone for. This may sound silly, But how many people intend to go crazy on Black Friday? Sometimes it just happens. Keep your emotions in check.

5: Remember the real reason of the holidays

Remember the real reason of the holidays is to spread love and cheer to our loved ones. No gift can compensate for the love and attention they need.

Happy Shopping!


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